Spring Cleaning

Time to shed the old and replace with fresh and new!  Mobile Office trailers are similar to vehicles in respect to the fact that people want new and updated offices!   Technology changes, features change therefore you need to upgrade your mobile office trailer!


OTG does have a wide selection of mobile office trailers to choose from.  We have everything from washrooms to showers to locker rooms to offices.  If you have been thinking about a NEW Mobile Office Trailer, now is the time to buy!  You have to check out our awesome selection.  Keep in mind, we can do custom designs.  If you want something specific, we can get your mobile office trailer to fit your needs. 




We understand that not everyone wants brand new… OTG does offer USED mobile office trailers when available.  It could be NEW to you!


For more information on updating your mobile office trailer, head over to our website: www.officestogo.ca or call us at 1-877-842-3288. 


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