High End Office Trailers


Offices to Go have designed the highest of quality office trailers.  We have listened to our consultants and buyers and have made these office trailers one of the best in the industry.

We are in the middle of one of the largest oil booms of our lifetime; we are accommodating the needs of the men & women of the oil industry.  We have listened to what these people wanted; we aren’t out in an office trailer every day- but they are!! We have listened to the experts and have since created one of the best office trailers in the industry!!!!  We pride ourselves on QUALITY… We have constructed our units out of materials that can withstand the harshest winters, rugged dirt and grime, and the wear and tear of the oilfield, all while still looking professional. 

Chris-KariOffices to Go’s office trailers are more than an “office shack”, we also offer medical trailers, portable shower units, conference room trailers…the list is endless!  I could get into the nitty-gritty details of our office trailers, BUT, you need to see them for yourself.  Check out our website for photos of our customizable units and our in stock units

OTG also has a rental company that offers the amenities of our office trailers- Kari Colibaba would be happy to hook you up with one of our rental units, 1-877-842-3288.  

Offices to Go offers all your Office Trailer needs and more!  Check out our website: www.officestogo.ca or give us a call: 1-877-842-3288.  



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